U.S. House select committee on the climate releases global warming plan

Congress Capitol Building At Capitol Hill In Washington Dc Sunny Day Picture Id1140498820WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has released an extensive plan to help curb global warming, with an ambitious goal of reducing human-caused greenhouse gas net emissions to zero by 2050, beyond which the U.S. would become a net absorber of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The plan, “Solving the Climate Crisis,” details how Congress could support numerous strategies for containing climate change:

  • Maximize the use of public lands for climate mitigation and resilience;
  • Shift private capital assets toward climate-smart investments;
  • Increase agricultural carbon sequestration; increase efficiency of buildings, appliances and industry, and
  • Set and maintain robust environmental review, requirements and restoration; and strengthen climate science.

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