TV Report: ‘Thieves steal tools meant to repair cars for the poor’

By Kimberly Jackson/KTUL

A non-profit organization, The Car Care Clinic, is dealing with losing $15,000 worth of equipment.

The program does car repairs at low prices for people who have low to moderate income.

Lonnie Vaughn says someone took valuable tools, they are now trying to replace.

“Our clients depend on vehicles to get to work, the grocery store, to take the kids to the park or movies. My pain inside me is for people who depend on us and we carry that with pride and joy to do that,” said Vaughn.

He is concerned because his organization has planned a car care clinic on Saturday. They’re expected volunteers and clients, who need help.

Sarah McKee is a retiree, on a fixed income, waiting for her car to be fixed.

“He is helping people that have no one else to help them with things like this. It breaks my heart this happened for him,” said McKee.

Vaughn says he and his team have borrowed tools to keep the work going, but it’s difficult.

“We have a lot of people coming in here, single moms, disabled people, senior citizens. It’s an exciting time for us. We are all excited about Saturday. Now we don’t have tools to do it. But we are going to figure it out. We are not gonna let this stop us,” said Vaughn.

There is a Go Fund Me page to help out. You can find it here.