Toyota recalls 267,000 cars for ‘risk of stalling’

2015 Toyota Prius V Photo 650800 S 986x603From Car & Driver

Toyota has issued a recall for 267,000 Prius vehicles, including the 2013 to 2015 Prius and 2014 to 2017 Prius V, due to the risk of the vehicles losing power and stalling, increasing the risk of a crash. There are nearly 12,000 more in Canada that are also affected by the recall.

According to the automaker, the affected vehicles were designed to enter a fail-safe mode if there is a problem with the hybrid system, but there is a potential for the vehicles not to do so. When that happens, the power steering and braking will remain functional, but the vehicle can stall and do so while in motion. Owners can have the problem fixed through a software update performed at a dealer; if a vehicle had an inverter fail as a result of this issue, Toyota will also replace that inverter.