Tekmetric: Why now is a great time to tune-up your auto repair business

From Tekmetric

Nowisthetimeautorepair1200x675Wondering how the auto repair industry is doing right now? We were too, that’s why we’ve been monitoring the TM500.

What did we learn?

The Tekmetric-500 shows that while business is continuing at a steady pace for most auto repair shops across North America, average repair order and average car count are down. From March 18th to April 16th 2020, ARO is down 9% and car count is down 3%.

A decline in these key performance metrics may be alarming to some, but the good news is that if history is any indication, this dip will be temporary. After every economic decline, no matter how steep—the housing crisis, the dot-com bust, even the Great Depression—the world has managed to come back. Times of economic downturn are difficult, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As far as the virus is concerned, economists are even speaking of a “V” curve. Meaning just as fast as our economy slowed down, it may pick up that quickly too.

In other words, have hope.