Study: COVID-19 lockdowns encouraging more consumers to buy electric cars

Electric Car Picture Id1018354368From electrek

Auto industry analysts are predicting that sales of electric vehicles will suffer badly due to the pandemic. But it’s not the first time that legacy industry sources have written off EVs. However, a new UK survey suggests that the coronavirus is making consumers more aware of the environment — and therefore more inclined to buy an electric car.

Venso Automotive Solutions, a fleet management company, conducted a study of 200 UK consumers this month. Alison Bell, marketing director at Venson, told Electrek via email about its approach:

The question we asked was, ‘Have the effects of the current COVID-19 lockdown made you change your mind about buying an electric vehicle?’

The firm found that 45% of respondents were considering buying an EV after seeing how clear the air can be. An additional 17% had already decided to buy an electric car and are even now more certain about their decision. That makes 62% of UK consumers in that UK survey ready to go electric.