State Farm: Are we driving dumber In smarter cars?

Drivers with advanced safety tech in their vehicles are taking more risks.

By State Farm

Americans who drive vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), both advanced driver assist features, admit to using their smart phones while driving at significantly higher rates than those without the latest tech, according to a new State Farm survey.

While these features have promising safety benefits,  they are designed to work in conjunction with engaged driving behaviors.

Forty-two percent of drivers with Lane Keeping Assist tech stated they “frequently” or “sometimes” use video chat while driving compared to 20 percent who engaged in the risky behavior without the advanced technology.


“Please take a moment to read this article – it has some very insightful data that as a shop owner, you should also be aware of for technicians doing test drives.  One ASA’s benefit providers, Federated Insurance, has a great Safety Outreach Program to ASA Members offering solutions to this very challenge to our repair professionals.  It is the reason we partnered with Federated. They care about our members BEFORE something happens, because after is too late!”

– Ray Fisher, ASA executive director

Survey data breakdown by distracted behavior and advanced vehicle technology:

Distracted driving and advanced tech stats