Road Trip: GEICO says ‘make It memorable & make it safe’

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Millions of Americans will be putting millions of miles on their vehicles this summer as they head out for the annual adventure: the great American road trip. A lot of fond memories will be made as travelers visit national parks and seashores, adventure parks and family reunion sites.Before everyone hits the open road, GEICO encourages drivers to use this checklist to help stay safe during their travels:
  • Check your tires: Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Recommended tire pressures are listed on the sidewall of the tire as well as the driver doorjamb of the vehicle. Also, inspect the tread on your tires to make sure it isn’t worn. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests flipping a penny over and placing it in the tread as a test. If you’re able to see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head on the penny, then your tire is getting bald and should be replaced
  • Inspect windshield wipers and washer fluid: After you confirm your washer fluid tank is full, spray your windshield and make sure the wipers clear properly. Wiper blades that are cracked or dried out will smear water rather than clear it.
  • Look for open vehicle recalls: A recall could potentially pop up for any vehicle make or model. To find out if your car is affected, visit NHTSA’s site and follow the instructions on how to locate and enter your vehicle’s identification number.
  • Wash your car: Sensors for safety equipment such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and backup cameras function best when they’re clear from grime that may build up.
  • Assign seats for passengers: This practice can help minimize distractions for the driver. Also, consider giving your passengers different responsibilities while you’re traveling so you can focus on driving.
  • Set GPS destinations and playlists beforehand: Navigation apps can help a great deal with finding a destination; however, trying to set them while driving causes a major distraction. Take care of all your smartphone needs, such as destinations and music playlists, before you shift out of park.

For more safe driving tips, visit GEICO’s Safe Driving Resources page.