Reality TV: Now casting family-owned auto body repair shops

From Catalina Content

Do you own a successful auto body shop with your family? Are you the best in town and have the personalities to match? Have you ever thought to yourselves, “We should have our own reality show?”

A production company is currently looking for successful family-run auto body repair shops for a unscripted television project. Ideal candidates have a successful shop in their community, a number of dynamic employees, high-end clientele, a superb skill-set and BIG PERSONALITIES.

To apply, fill out an application at

Peter Huntley, vice president of casting for an unscripted TV production company in Los Angeles called Catalina Content, said his company is in the early stages of developing a new unscripted show that would center around a dynamic (ideally family-run) autobody shop.

“Essentially the ideal candidates would own their own successful autobody shop, have a fun group of employees, and have enough ‘going on’ naturally within that business to warrant enough stories for a good-natured reality show,” Huntley said. “Oftentimes these things are initially sold based off an authentic (and incredibly dynamic) group of personalities, so if you know of the perfect shop, I’d love the introduction.”