Newspaper: 600,000 Ford Fiesta, Focus owners await extended warranty notice for $1K clutch repair

From the Detroit Free Press

Ford Motor Co. says it will send notification of a new extended warranty on clutch repairs and cost reimbursement after Labor Day to more than a half million owners of the Fiesta and Focus, about three weeks after making a public announcement.

“All field-service actions start with notifications to dealers, so they are aware and prepared. We did that on Aug. 14,” Ford spokesman T.R. Reid told the Free Press. “Letters to customers follow, after we’ve downloaded VINs, cross-referenced and validated them with owner names and addresses, etc. Depending on the number of vehicles involved, that can take a couple of weeks.”

He added the letters sent “right after Labor Day” would go to “more than 600,000 customers in the U.S. and Canada who will be covered by the extended clutch warranty and/or still need the important software update for their transmission control module.”

Meanwhile, customers from around the country have contacted the Free Press to say they’re getting conflicting information from dealers who deny warranty coverage and reimbursement. Customers have mailed invoices to the Free Press reflecting recent charges for clutch repair and transmission control module repair despite the company’s highly publicized announcement Aug. 14.