Newspaper: 2 million Ram trucks now recalled amid worries of tailgates opening unexpectedly

 / Detroit Free Press

More than 2 million older Ram trucks have been recalled because of defects that could lead their tailgates to open unexpectedly.

The latest announcement is an expansion of a recall from this spring, but the updated recall is larger, covering an additional 693,128 trucks and adding to a separate 1.1 million truck recall announced last year. Together, the recalls cover more than 2 million trucks, as noted in a posting by The Car Connection.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company that makes Ram brand trucks, said it is “unaware of any related injuries or accidents associated with either vehicle population” and the recall does not include “redesigned-for-2019 Ram 1500” trucks.

However, the defect could lead to accidents, FCA said.

“An unintended opening of the tailgate while driving may result in a loss of unrestrained cargo from the truck bed. Lost cargo may create a road hazard to operators and occupants of other vehicles, and can cause such vehicles to crash without prior warnings,” according to FCA’s letter to affected customers.