New Study: Best cities for auto technicians & mechanics

Take a look into what AdvisorSmith calls its 'deep dive' into determining which U.S. cities are best for auto technicians & mechanics to pursue their careers in.

By Patrick Chen / AdvisorSmith

Fairbanks, Alaska; Sierra Vista, Arizona, and Memphis, Tennessee recently ranked as the top three most attractive cities for auto technicians and mechanics, according to a new 388-city study by AdvisorSmith.

We analyzed 388 cities based upon auto technician & mechanics salaries, the cost of living, and the availability of jobs for service techs.

Key findings:

  • The #1 city for automotive service technicians and mechanics is Fairbanks, Alaska, which offers an average salary of $61,250, exceeding the national average by 41%.
    • The city also has a 130% higher concentration of jobs for service techs compared with the average American city.
  • The best cities for service techs are small and midsize cities, with 9 of the top 10, and 43 of the top 50 cities having populations under 500,000.
    • Smaller cities have, on average, a more geographically spread out footprint compared to high-density big cities, fueling higher demand for cars and more miles driven, meaning more job opportunities for service techs.
  • The top large cities for service techs are Memphis, Tennessee; Augusta, Georgia; and St. Louis, Missouri.
    • The top midsize cities are Amarillo, Texas; Longview, Texas; and Auburn, Alabama.
    • The top small cities are Fairbanks, Alaska; Sierra Vista, Arizona; and Homosassa Springs, Florida.

Here’s a breakdown of the best cities for service techs:

1. Fairbanks, Alaska
2. Sierra Vista, Arizona
3. Memphis, Tennessee
4. Homosassa Springs, Florida
5. Waterbury, Connecticut
6. Amarillo, Texas
7. Longview, Texas
8. Auburn, Alabama
9. Jacksonville, North Carolina
10. Kankakee, Illinois

If you’d like to compare, RepairPal released a study in February for the “Best & worst U.S. cities for car repairs.”


AdvisorSmith also released a more detailed report online.