Need your car cleaned but just don’t have time? This app is for you

Go Go Wash delivers a carwash – anytime & anywhere.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Female tech-entrepreneur and IT Business Analyst Guirlene Auguste launches the innovative car and detailing app Go Go Wash. The app creates a marketplace for users to connect to a network of insured, professional auto detailers that are ready and available to work wherever the user’s vehicle is located. Whether it be a parking lot, place of business or home, the Go Go Wash auto detailers are there.

Experts recommend car washes every two weeks – more often in areas where cars pick up grime more quickly. However, few car owners adhere to that schedule. The main reason that consumers do not get their cars washed more often is that it’s time-consuming and inconvenient. Go Go Wash addresses this problem by offering on-demand services for those with full schedules, hectic daily routines, and little time to spare. The Go Go Wash app enables users to have a detailer arrive at their location in minutes or to schedule a wash for later. There are many benefits to an on-demand service such as Go Go Wash, convenience being the most valued.

All detailers have been vetted and approved by Go Go Wash and offer a full complement of washing and detailing services. The company’s goal is to engineer the most efficient and user-friendly mobile car wash and detailing system on the market.

Ridesharing apps revolutionized the way we travel when we don’t want to drive. Go Go Wash is the go-to app for people who love their cars and value their time. The app provides on-demand services at their convenience, wherever that might be. Go Go Wash also offers great opportunities to its washers. Whether automotive detailing is a side gig or primary paycheck, auto detailers can maximize their earnings by connecting to customers via Go Go Wash anytime they’re available.

To use the service, customers download the Go Go Wash application to their smartphones, create a profile, and choose a car-washing package. Offers range from a 15-minute “wash and go” to a 1-hour platinum complete detailing. With prices ranging from as little as $25 – $50 plus many add-ons, the app links your car to a Go Go Washer near you, allowing your vehicle to be serviced anytime and anywhere.

“Regular car washes and detailing should be as basic as part of your auto maintenance as oil changes. Go Go Wash offers the convenience of a five-minute wash with the skill of expert auto detailers,” explains Guirlene Auguste, the app’s founder.

“Bringing services to the customer is of increasing demand in today’s world. You can order anything online at any time, so why not let one those things be your car wash? Car wash services that arrive at the push of a button allow you to concentrate on work, play and important family time,” adds Auguste.

Supporting both Apple iOS and Android platforms, Go Go Wash is free to download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

About Go Go Wash

Go Go Wash is a new On-Demand car wash service that allows you to get your car washed and detailed….at the location of your choice! With today’s full schedules with hectic daily routines and little time to spare, Go Go Wash is the convenient way to get your car clean and ready for the road.

Remember, the next time you’re about to pull into a car wash, there’s a better way. Avoid waiting in those long car wash lines and download the Go Go Wash App. Within minutes, have a Go Go Wash Washer come to you anywhere. Available now in a city near you.

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The next time someone is about to pull into the car wash line, remember there’s a better way. Download Go Go Wash today on the App Store or Google Play!