Maryann Croce’s Coach’s Corner: Mental toughness as owners & leaders

Maryann Croce

Over the past few months, I have watched everyone look to leaders. Whether related to their job, business, health, family, or government. They are looking for answers and inspiration. Feeling a loss of control in any area of your life is challenging. Not knowing when it will end or when it will improve makes it even more challenging. 

I’ve been having conversations with business owners who want safety, security, and stability in their business and personal life. Every owner had similar questions around decision making. It all came down to Maryann, how do I make better decisions? These were leaders who want to IMPROVE their business in some way. 

  • Some were thinking Survive – maintaining what your business needs to stay alive. 
  • Others were thinking Thrive – on the other side of survive is a health business. Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable. 

Mental toughness is the ability to be flexible and adaptable as needed. Instead of making excuses about a problem, mental toughness involves focusing on a solution, even if it means doing something new or different. When we are faced with any crisis our mental toughness is challenged.

I live by models, systems, and processes. They have been most valuable during challenging times. Proven models are good for speed, saving business owners years of frustration.  When stakes are high a proven model is a must for business survival because you don’t have time to lose. 

Maryann PicDecision-making is part of a shop owner’s day. It’s a skill you can develop and improve. 

What owners really want is a way to improve the quality of their decision making. The simple answer is . Ask better questions. The quality of the questions determines the quality of the answers.

When you improve your decision-making skills, you become more decisive and confident in the decisions you make. 

Three-step decision-making process 

I value this process taught to me and today I’m sharing it with you. Ask yourself the following questions. 

Step 1 Clarity – Do I have the information (data) I need to make a quality decision? If you do go to the next step. If you do not, then get the information needed.  

Step 2 Decision – 

  • What will happen if I do this? 
  • What won’t happen if I do this? 
  • What will happen if I don’t do this? 
  • What won’t happen if I don’t do this?

Step 3 Why – Why am I making this decision? Can I explain it clearly to a child? This is about intent and how easily it will be to get others on board. 

I use this three-step decision-making process often in all areas of my business such as Marketing, Financial, Sales, Process/Systems and People. I use it in my personal life as well. Personal challenges will affect your business. 

The thing to keep in mind is no one can solve a problem or overcome a challenge they are unwilling to acknowledge they have. Confidence comes from doing. Give the three-step decision-making process a go to build your mental toughness as a business owner. Then let me know how it worked for you. I’ll be happy to answer your decision-making questions.

Maryann Croce, a certified partner of Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year™, is a leadership coach/shop owner. Her company Small Biz Vantage specializes in leadership development for trade business owners. She is an auto shop owner since 1999. You can reach Maryann at (203) 913-7741 or Maryann speaks on leadership and mindset.