Kelley Blue Book: Top 5 tips when buying a used electric car

by Matt DeLorenzo / Kelley Blue Book

Electric vehicles are no longer an automotive anomaly. There are enough of them out there at various price ranges that make them an attractive alternative if you’re looking for a used vehicle. In fact, initial high prices, big tax subsidies and large-scale leasing have taken a toll on resale value. Also, some of the early limited-range models just aren’t worth as much as the newer longer-range versions, which has also tended to depress prices.

However, just like with a hybrid vehicle, this unique technology needs a unique set of ownership requirements to make the right fit. Here are five things to consider if you decide to plunge in the used electric vehicle market.

1. Finding the right EV.

The first- and second-generation electrics are all over the map on size and range, although other than the Tesla Model S and Model X, there are few that are much larger than a compact car. So if you need to carry a crew, most EVs are not a good fit and if you decided that a Tesla might fit the bill as a family hauler, be prepared to pay much more thanks to the fact that they are luxury vehicles and are priced accordingly.


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