It’s Time To Thrive (Work-Life Fulfillment)

Most shops are busy today. Keep in mind many of the reasons are beyond your control. Such as the economy, new vehicle shortages and delays. Many owners are riding the wave of increased business and defining their shops as successful, but this wave won’t last forever.

The next level of success is more than profits. It’s to build a business that THRIVES, so you can stop going 24/7 and have a life.  Yet many are sacrificing their personal life and relationships in the name of a successful business.  A healthy profit is only one part, but it’s the picture of success owners are sold even though their personal life may not be ideal.

If owners only focus on profits, it’s easy to create a churn and burn culture. At first glance the lowest producer should be let go because they are holding the business back. But what if that low producer is bringing value to your business and helping productivity.

What if that team member…

  • Needs a little coaching to improve their productivity
  • Keeps the shop environment upbeat and enjoyable
  • Pays attention to detail and knows everything that’s going on in the shop
  • Is a great communicator and is well liked by the team
  • Pitches in wherever and whenever needed

Thriving goes beyond profits.

Thriving is being fulfilled from your work and life. Yet sadly, many owners are not there yet. For years they’ve sacrificed their personal life in the name of their business believing that once the business is profitable everything else will fall into place. For many who are ten plus years in, they’re still operating their business as they did when they started.

What Happened?

The habits and routines created early on when you were doing it all, have stopped serving the…

  • Business
  • Team
  • Customers
  • Owner

Even though we’ve faced a lot of change over the past few years. We also have witnessed resilience. While some businesses dissolved, others are thriving. Many believe the thriving businesses were lucky. Some know it was much more than luck. It was putting the effort and energy needed into the things we could control. Such as:

  • Systems, processes, and procedures that were in place or were quickly updated.
  • A winning culture and high-level of communication and collaboration that aligns with quality team members
  • Quality relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, and team members
  • A clear understanding of financial reports to make better decisions
  • Owner’s ability to develop their leadership and delegating skills.

As business owners you’re responsible for the health of your business and the security of your team.

It starts with Respect

Respect yourself and your core values. If you respect everyone that comes through your door, your team notices and follows your lead. If you mock or talk badly, they learn quickly that the culture is unprofessional or toxic. Either way your team learns how to survive not thrive in your shop.

They go home to their family and friends who point out the obvious. They’ve had another “Bad Day.”

Keeping it Simple

Knowing that simple is not always easy without guidance to get you started. A thriving business is one that is profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable. You need to have all three. Here are the first steps of each.

Time To Thrive Maryann ArticlepngProfitable- Healthy profits come from understanding and knowing the business financial reports. Don’t avoid them. Reach out to an accountant, fellow business owner, coach, or association for help.

Sustainable-Simple systems and processes that empower others. Include clear expectations, so team members know when they are falling below, meeting or exceeding them. Then get out of their way.

Enjoyable- A culture built on core values, that aligns with a team is powerful because people are proud to work at your shop. They want to be part of the positive impact the business is making on their lives, it’s customers and community.

Shops are busy today but are they thriving? Are you fulfilled in work and life? Too many owners have been stuck surviving for years. Going professional is the way to thrive and have work-life fulfillment. It takes a …

  • Pro-Mindset- Leads to calm during challenges and quicker, better decision making.
  • Pro-Strategy – Creating a vison, plan, and goals that your team aligns with.
  • Pro-Toolbox – Having tools and resources needed to empower and develop your team

Imagine what work and life would look like if you could delegate like a pro to empower your team. They would have the confidence to run the business when you stepped away as you need or want to. You wouldn’t have to be on 24/7.

You can really have a business and a personal life that you enjoy and find rewarding. It’s up to you, my friends. Go Professional to Thrive.

Maryann CroceMaryann Croce, a certified partner of Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year™, is an operations coach/speaker and creator of ‘3-Day Weekends’ Coaching Her company Small Biz Vantage specialized in performance and leadership development for automotive and skilled trade business owners. She has been an auto shop owner since 1999. You can reach Maryann at (203) 913-7741 or  Maryann speaks on achieving goals and work-life fulfillment