Industry experts help ASE expand Spanish-language test options

LEESBURG, Virginia – Dec. 1, 2020 – To better serve the increasing number of Spanish-speaking professional service providers, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has added Spanish translations to select ASE certification tests with the help of industry experts who participated in workshops hosted by ASE.

Luis Arboleda of Superior Automotive Training; Rafael de Leon of Automotive Service Institute; Guillermo Martinez of Automotive Technical Center; and Francisco Moreno of ZF Services, LLC worked with ASE to develop a comprehensive plan for implementing Spanish translations into the ASE test-taking process.

“As the number of Spanish-speaking professional service technicians continues to grow, we felt it was imperative to take steps to meet their needs when it comes to testing and certification,” said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. “We thank these knowledgeable industry professionals who volunteered their time to help guide the Spanish translation process. Their expertise will allow us to continue to expand our Spanish test-taking options and meet the evolving needs of the industry we serve.”

No special registration procedure is needed to access the Spanish translations because they are built into the ASE test delivery screen. Service technicians taking ASE automobile certification tests in the subject areas of suspension and steering (A4), brakes (A5), electrical/electronic systems (A6) or auto maintenance and light repair (G1), have the option to see each question in a split-screen, Spanish/English format today. Starting January 2021, maintenance and light repair (G1) and all automobile tests (A1-A8), with the exception of light duty diesel (A9), will be available with a Spanish translation.

All ASE tests will continue to have the searchable English-to-Spanish glossary of technical terms, which can be helpful to resolve dialectal differences. In addition, anyone for whom English is a second language may bring a standard, published English-to-foreign language dictionary to use at the test center.

Visit for information in Spanish about the new translation option.

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