How’s Your Business? 2013

A Report of ASA Member-Shops in 2013


Survey Methodology

The 2013 “How’s Your Business?” survey was offered through a third-party online survey service to all regular members via ASA newsletters. Regular members are automotive service businesses that provide automotive repairs/services to the motoring public, and/or businesses that provide repairs/services to exclusive fleets, such as public utilities. Overall, the membership response rate was 8 percent and included both mechanical division and collision division members.


The following report is developed and presented from mechanical and collision classification perspectives.

Welcome to the 2013 “How’s Your Business?” survey report! Using the most current figures available from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011, the number of general automotive repair locations was 77,414 with 315,146 employees. The number of automotive body repair locations (not including dealership body shop locations) for 2011 was 33,386 facilities with 205,449 employees. ASA is taking a conservative approach in estimating the number of shop locations for 2013 based on overall economic conditions.

Mechanical: How’s Your Business

Collision: How’s Your Business