GEICO’s tips to navigate heavy rain & high water

HOUSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Navigating roads in heavy rains can be a daunting experience for any driver. Compound this by several days of rain, and you can add the possibility of high water and flash flooding in low-lying areas.

GEICO wants to remind you to avoid the temptation to drive through unknown puddles. It’s safer to turn around and find a different route. If you don’t see the painted lines, don’t drive through. Six inches of moving water can knock a person down, and a foot can sweep away a vehicle, according to

Remember, if you are caught in heavy rain:

  • Turn on your headlamps – Simply turning on your headlamps makes you more visible to others.
  • Reduce your speed – Reducing your speed lessens the chances of hydroplaning. Should you hydroplane, immediately take your foot off the accelerator. Don’t apply the brakes abruptly or turn the steering wheel. A rotating tire has traction; a sliding one does not.
  • Maintain a safe distance – Increasing the distance you would typically have between the vehicle ahead reduces the chance of a collision.
  • Avoid driving through high water – It may not only save your car from serious damage but it may also save your life.

If time permits before the next rainstorm:

  • Check your wiper blades – Daily use, bugs, frost, and salt on your windshield take their toll on wiper blades. One indicator that wipers need to be replaced is streaks left on the windshield.
  • Check your tires – Oils from the wet road and worn tires make it easy to lose traction and slide. Tire tread patterns are designed to do different tasks depending on your driving needs, and one of the main functions is pushing water out and away from the tire.

If you have a loss, please report it as quickly as possible, using GEICO Mobile. Log in at or call (800) 841-3000 24 hours a day. Learn about GEICO’s Catastrophe Response Team and how we service severe storms. Please click the links for more detailed information on safe driving in the heavy rain and getting your home Flood-Ready.