Elite launches new online peer groups for shop owners

Elite has announced that the company will now be offering online peer groups for shop owners through an all-new service: Elite Synergy Groups.

Elite says that their Synergy Groups have been designed to help shop owners access the guidance, support and motivation that peer groups deliver, but exclusively in an online environment with no travel required. Shop owners who become members will be able to attend regular face-to-face web meetings with the other members in their group, and have open discussions where they can learn what’s working well for other shop owners throughout the country. Elite will also provide group members with a platform to communicate outside of the face-to-face meetings so that the shop owners in each group will have more opportunities to build relationships, and create a culture where each group member is truly invested in the success of their fellow shop owners.

Every group will be led by a shop owner with an extraordinary track record of success (who is also an Elite Business Development Coach), and each web meeting will include a presentation from the group leader on recruiting, marketing, sales, shop management or whatever the group votes is in their best interest.

The first group will have its first meeting on Oct 10th, and as a special promotion, Elite is offering a discount for all shop owners who enroll in the inaugural group.

“We’ve found that far too many shop owners feel like they’re alone on an island, so we’re always looking for new ways to connect shop owners who are fighting the same battles and have the ability to help each other. Support and motivation from others who are facing the same challenges can be life changing for a shop owner, so we feel that by making this support more accessible online, and by having an industry leading shop owner facilitate, these new Synergy Groups have the potential to do a lot of good in the industry.” Said Bob Cooper, President of Elite.

To learn more about these online peer groups for shop owners, visit the Elite Synergy Groups webpage.

About Elite

Elite was founded in 1990 with two primary goals in mind: To help shop owners build more profitable, successful businesses, and to give back to an industry we love. Elite’s services help shops identify business challenges, and improve in the areas of sales, marketing, employee management, recruiting and all facets of shop management so that they may reach their full potential.