Report: Why your trip to the auto repair shop should happen sooner than later

From the Detroit Free Press

If you’ve been delaying that car repair, Jenni Newman has some advice: Don’t wait to take your car to the shop.

The coronavirus and its growing tally of sick and dead victims around the world have been roiling financial markets, prompting countless hand-washing reminders and ruining more than a few vacations, and that’s before anyone knows exactly how widespread the effect will be on the automotive industry, including your local repair shop.

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But Newman, editor-in-chief of, is among a growing chorus of industry watchers and insiders who say they expect a very real impact in the United States, including on the availability of parts needed for repairs. China, where the outbreak has been most intense, is behind only Mexico and Canada in the amount of imported auto parts sent to the United States, according to the Center for Automotive Research.