Costly plate: ‘My Plates’ auctions last remaining single-digit plate in Texas, the state’s vendor for marketing personalized and specialty license plates in Texas, is auctioning the last single-digit license plate message in auction inventory. The low-digit number “3” is the only single number plate not already registered to a vehicle in Texas and is currently the only single digit plate available in Texas. An opportunity like this may not be offered again.

In some states, the first three single-digit numbers are reserved for government officials, for example “1” for the governor, “2” for the lieutenant governor, and “3” for the secretary of state, and therefore are not available to the general public. In Texas, My Plates is making the low-digit number “3” available to you!

In addition to “3”, My Plates is also auctioning the last auction available single-letter plate, the letter “W”. Owning one of twenty-six of anything is a big deal. And that’s what bidding on and winning the single-character plate message “W” will be.

Single-character plate messages are exclusive, unique and clearly extremely limited. Winning either of these single letter/number plates is an incredibly rare opportunity.

Both of these exceptional plate messages are offered for a 5-year term, with first right to renew, and are fully transferable. Winners can display their won message on any of the 100+ eligible plate designs.

“We are truly excited to make available to the market these last two remaining rare single-character plates, this is an outstanding opportunity for someone to secure one of these desirable messages.

— Steve Farrar, president of My Plates

The auction is now active, and bids are being accepted.  Texans wishing to bid can register at The auction will close on May 1, 2019.

Auction Details:

My Plates Single-Digit Auction dates:

  • Begin Bid Date: 03-25-19

  • End Bid Date: 05-01-19

Current bids for these two plates as of April 22, 2019 (3 p.m. CST) are:

Lot# 1: Plate message “3” bid was $17,000

Lot# 2: Plate message “W” bid was $5,500

Unlike other Texas license plates, plates sold by My Plates at auction are legally transferable. The plate owner then has the right to sell the plate message to another person with the same ongoing rights or gift it to a family member or friend. Transferability also means these plates could make great investments.