Consumers! Check out Consumer Reports’ Coronavirus Resource Hub

Coronavirus Written On File Folder Label Picture Id1202470524Consumer Reports has developed an excellent Coronavirus Resource Hub for consumers.

“The novel coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China, late last year has quickly spread around the globe and is now advancing across the U.S. The virus, known as COVID-19, is marked by respiratory problems that are usually mild but can be severe, especially in older adults and in people with underlying health conditions. Here, CR keeps you up to date on the pandemic and shares advice on how to keep yourself and your family safe, covering your health, home, daily routine, tech, and food.” – CR


Marta L. TelladoMarta L. Tellado, president & CEO of Consumer Reports, penned the following note in conjunction with its  release:

Many of you are probably grappling with the same questions our team at CR is asking: how can I keep my loved ones safe? Should I be stocking up on supplies? How much longer will my day-to-day life be disrupted by this crisis? The simple truth is that we don’t know all of the answers just yet—public health officials are working to better understand the scope of the challenge ahead, but the likely extent of the pandemic is still largely unclear.

Despite that uncertainty, we are working hard at CR to deliver the best science-based guidance so that you can stay safe and do your part to limit the threat in your communities. Last week, we shared some initial tips on expert hand-washingthe facts about face maskshow to handle upcoming travel plans, and what steps to take if you think you may have been exposed to the virus. As the outbreak evolves, we’ll be evolving our coverage along with it in order to provide the most up-to-date guidance. You can find all of our ongoing coverage at our Coronavirus Resource Hub, which provides updates and information as it becomes available.

As communities across the country and around the world grapple with the coronavirus, one thing is clear: the better informed we are about preventing, treating, and limiting the threat, the easier it will be for us to put an end to it. Panic and misinformation will only exacerbate problems and divert resources from where they are needed most—so CR stands ready, as we always are, to combat misinformation with facts, rigor, and independent investigations.

This is especially personal for us at CR, as our headquarters in Yonkers, NY, sits within a community that has been heavily affected by coronavirus. Our team has adapted to that challenge—and our work to keep you and your families safe goes on. We will continue to offer you all of the information we can to help you navigate the road ahead. In the meantime, from our family to yours, we hope that you are staying safe and informed in the face of this worldwide challenge.