CNBC: GM unveils Hummer EV as ‘world’s first supertruck’ for $112,600 starting in 2021

11From CNBC

The new electric Hummer from General Motors will live up to the reputation of its predecessors for being capable and over the top but in different ways than the gas-guzzling vehicles that previously bore the name.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV, which the automaker unveiled Tuesday night, is big, bold and flamboyant – all things someone would expect from a military-inspired vehicle – but it also includes new technologies and exotic performance to support GM’s claim of it being “the world’s first supertruck.”

“This is all about people who just love the best in automotive innovation, performance, capability and technology,” GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred told CNBC. “These are the people who you may have seen buy the exotic sports car type brands. This will be the must-have item.”