Blog (Maryann Croce): Is your business a resource or a hero?

Maryann Croce

I had a conversation with a client recently and they realized that they had positioned their company has a hero. They are simple the best at everything including team, warranty, quality, the list went on and on about themselves.

How does a shop appear to a customer when you position your business as a hero? When you are speaking about yourself or your company and all the equipment, training, and certifications you have, the customer gets lost. Nothing in that messaging is about them.

When your goal is to be a hero, anything that goes wrong can quickly result in being a zero to a customer. When your goal is to be a resource, you position your business as a guide for your customers.

Here’s what works

Making the customer the star. Whether you are networking at a local event, sharing a great customer review, latest project or working on your website copy, you’re the resource and your customer is the star. Cheer them on.

When you get a complement. Say thank you and credit your team. Credit the customer with bringing their vehicle in right away saving themselves time and money. Complement their friend who referred you. They’re a long-time customer.

When posting a review. Thank you for choosing __________. We value your trust! Or You’ve been a star customer regularly maintaining your vehicle adding years to it life.

GOOD, BAD and UGLY approach

The good is about the customer/client: 1) The customer addressed their concern early? 2)The Customer chose a reputable shop offering a great warranty. 3) By getting the vehicle here early, the work can be taken care of today. 4) They chose a shop that offers financing, loaner vehicles, shuttles rides. (whatever their need is.) 5) They made a great choice this work is your specialty.

The bad is the concern or problem? Simply state the facts. The situation as it is. No drama. They have a concern. You address it, test and analyze it to come to a diagnosis. Present it in a mater-of-fact way. Do not use I’ve got bad news or negative statements.

They ugly is what happens if they don’t address the problem. Be honest. How will it affect their life? 1) Larger costs by holding off on repair 2) Driving and unsafe vehicle 3) Driving an unreliable vehicle. 4) Cost of a new vehicle and the associated costs. 5) Customer has not budgeted for auto repair. 6) Vehicles tend to break down at the worst times.

All if this brings us back full circle to the good and all the ways you can guide them to get the most value out of their vehicle, allowing them to make the best auto decision and go on with their life and their responsibilities, making them the hero. They have other depending on them.

Over the years, I’ve found that no matter what services I’ve purchased the follow is true.

“I’ve learned that people won’t remember what you said

And people won’t remember what you did

People will only remember how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

If a company can solve my problem, can clearly explain the price, time frame of the work and treats me with respect, they will earn my trust.

If they treat me like a person and not a transaction, they earn my loyalty.

Maryann Croce, a certified partner of Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year™, is a business coach and owner of Small Biz Vantage. Her company specializes in leadership development for trade business owners. She is an auto shop owner since 1999. You can reach Maryann at (203) 913-7741 or Maryann speaks on leadership and mindset.