Blog: 6 steps for lowering your risk of car theft announces a new blog post, "6 Steps To Lowering Your Risk Of Car Theft."

Man Stealing A Car Picture Id610780046LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — has launched a new blog post that presents various methods that help policyholders to keep their cars safe against thieves and save car insurance money at the same time.

Policyholders that own a vehicle are facing numerous responsibilities. Besides the need for properly maintaining their vehicles, policyholders also need to take measures to protect them against car thieves.

  •    By installing reliable alarm systems and anti-theft devices, policyholders can sleep better at night knowing their cars are safe. The anti-theft devices market is so diverse and affordable for everyone, so there is no reason for car owners not to purchase an anti-theft device.
  •     Immobilizer systems are another solution that can make vehicles safer against thieves. A preventive device such as a hidden ignition kill switch, fuel cut-off or smart key can discourage car thieves. Not being able to start the car will make the thieves back down.
  •     A car owner should never leave his car unattended while the engine is running. A car can easily get stolen if the engine is running. Thieves only need to break a window and unlock the door in order to steal a vehicle.
  •     Policyholders should never leave valuable items in their cars. If a policyholder must keep a valuable item in his car, he should avoid exposing it by keeping the item under the seat or in the trunk. Exposed valuable items are tempting for nearby thieves.
  •     Choosing the right place to park a vehicle can deter many thieves. Places with a high degree of public visibility, preferably in intensely-circulated areas are ideal for parking a vehicle.
  •     GPS tracking systems are ideal when it comes to retrieving a stolen vehicle. Many new car models come with a GPS tracking system already installed, or as an optional feature. Authorities can quickly recover stolen vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems.

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