Unique fundraising campaign: Auto repair shops across country seek to end breast cancer

Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer! effort involves more than 100 U.S. repair shops!

During the month of October, Autoworks in Kittery, Maine an ASA member-shop – and more than 100 other Independent auto repair shops across the U.S. will be raising funds for a breast cancer vaccine.

As part of the Brakes for Breast fundraiser, the auto repair facilities will be giving away FREE (quality) brake pads or shoes.

The customer simply pays the labor and any other ancillary parts necessary to complete the brake job and the shops then donate 10% of the brake job directly to Dr. Vincent Tuohy & the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.

100% of what we donate goes directly to research!

2019 marks the ninth year for the Brakes For Breasts fundraiser.

  • 2011 (1st year) – 5 shops in Ohio raised $10,000
  • 2012 (2nd year) – 27 shops in 17 states raised $32,848
  • 2013 (3rd year) – 66 independent auto repair shops in 27 states raised $66,499
  • 2014 (4th year) – 143 independent auto repair shops in 29 states raised $115,236.53
  • 2015 (5th year) – 174 independent auto repair shops in 32 states raised $141,868
  • 2016 (6th year) – 131 independent auto repair shops in 35 states (most ever!) $125,867.37
  • 2017 (7th year) – 114 independent auto repair shops in 34 states raised $114,389.20
  • 2018 (8th year) – 138 independent auto repair shops in 34 states and 2 countries raised $141,061.80

To date donation total is $747,771.70!

This Brakes For Breasts fundraiser is different from any other breast cancer fundraising campaigns:

  1. Dr. Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic has actually created a vaccine that has proved effective in laboratory animals in actually preventing breast cancer. Think about Polio, eradicated because of a vaccine, a distant memory for most generations. This is the same principle!
  2. Dr. Tuohy and his team are rounding the corner and are hoping to start Phase 1 trials in early 2020.
  3. 100% of the proceeds from the ‘Brakes for Breasts’ fundraiser goes directly to the Cleveland Clinic for research on the Breast Cancer Vaccine.
  4. These are just “Mom & Pop” shops across the country, independent business owners that have joined hands for a great cause.

For more information about the Breast Cancer Vaccine, Dr. Tuohy and a list of participating shops go to www.brakesforbreasts.org, download our “Brakes for Breasts” app to your smart phone and like us on Facebook!


Foreign and domestic auto repair since 1976, caring for cars and community of Portsmouth, NH, Kittery, Maine, and the greater seacoast area.

Autoworks is AAA award winning repair facility, Bosch distinguished service, Napa service, ASA shop.

The shop has hosted 17 garage dance benefits for local non-profits and is proud to participate for the sixth year in Brakes for Breasts.

Autoworks provides free brake pads to the customer’s vehicle and donates 10% of every brake service to the Brakes for Breasts fundraiser during the month of October.

Stephen Kosacz and his team are dedicated to premier service, customer education, and community service.

More information is available at www.auto-works.com or by calling/texting 207-439-4500