Associated Press: OnStar alerts Florida cops to baby trapped in hot car


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Associated Press) — A vehicle assistance company helped save a 1-year-old Florida girl after her mom passed out inside a hot car.

OnStar vehicle alerted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office that there was a child making noises inside a vehicle that wasn’t running. Deputies were able to get inside the car Sunday because the window was cracked a few inches.

The child was drenched in sweat and had an overflowing diaper.


“I’m glad cars are getting smarter for the safety of our kids. Let this serve as a reminder to our industry professionals of why we need to do the right thing always so that these systems continue to do what they do always! Thank you to our technicians for every thing they do. Let this be a reminder of ‘why’ you do it! Thank you OnStar for making the call, I am so glad the baby is safe!”

— Ray Fisher, ASA Executive Director