ASA Podcast (Episode 37): FCA HVAC System Service Tips

Alan McAvoy has been teaching technicians about Chrysler air conditioning systems for a very long time. In fact, he’s one of the best in the business!

Listen in as Alan provides an overview of what’s new in the FCA lineup and what technicians need to know about diagnosing and servicing the latest in heat management technology.

LISTEN NOW: Episode 37 – ASA Podcast Series

John Mcavoy Podcast

Alan McAvoy

Hear all about:

  • What’s new with 1234yf air conditioning systems
  • Service similarities between 1234yf and 134a refrigerant systems
  • A new water-cooled A/C condenser that’s a first in the market
  • New ways the A/C systems are being used for heat management
  • Chillers for hybrids and superchargers
  • A few new test techniques without removing the heater core
  • The impact of multiple cooling loops on diagnosis
  • How hybrid and electric vehicles are in the plans for FCA’s future
  • Where to find the latest technical information, including 3D wiring schematics

Tony Molla

Tony Molla, ASA’s vice president of industry relations, hosts Episode 37 of the ASA Podcast series.