ASA membership director visits Texas member-shop, touts learning experience

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Blair Calvo, ASA’s member services director, and Doug Myers, ASA’s content manager, learn during a stopover Wednesday at Rick’s Auto Care in Irving, Texas.

IRVING, Texas – A stopover at Rick’s Auto Care – at 1605 W. Irving Blvd. – proved to be extremely fruitful Wednesday for ASA’s new director of member services.

Blair Calvo, who came to ASA in November with 13 years of association membership experience, joined ASA Content Manager Doug Myers in visiting the ASA member-shop.

“Our president/executive director (Ray Fisher) urged us at a team lead meeting a month or so ago to take a moment to learn more about the industry and the members we serve,” Myers said. “I reached out to a member close to the office and Joe Jurosek was quick to accept.”

And Blair Calvo, who is in charge of member services for ASA, couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit one of our member shops to see their daily challenges and processes,” Calvo said after the visit. “Learning more about our industry will allow me to serve our members better, which is what our team is all about.”

Calvo said Rick’s Auto Care Store Director Richard Daughtry and his staff were “very helpful and open to teaching a newbie about their processes and their day-to-day experiences.”

“Seek first to understand, then be understood.” – Dr. Stephen Covey

“I worked with multiple trade associations before coming to ASA and today was a great opportunity for me to gain first hand experience in the day-to-day of what our members do each day,” Calvo said. “As a consumer, I gained an even larger respect for our members.”

“In Marketing and Communications, we always see the various promotional items, the benefit provider sheets from our partners, etc., but we haven’t necessarily seen what they really do and how they impact an automotive repair facility like we did today,” Myers said. “It was a very productive visit – one we hope to continue at additional ASA member-shops – as we continue to learn how to better serve our members.”

Special thanks to Joe Jurosek for allowing ASA to tour the Irving location. Kudos to Rick’s Car Care for the hospitality shown and the professionalism of each and every staff member.