Aftermarket Matters: Coronavirus hits aftermarket, impacts miles-driven & disrupts Chinese supply channels to U.S.

Fewer vehicles on the road translates to diminished service & repair needs & parts sales.

Various Car Parts And Accessories On Black Background Picture Id1150507732By Rob Merwin / Aftermarket Matters

EVERGREEN, Colo. —As the coronavirus continues to spread, its effects are being registered in the automotive aftermarket industry as miles-driven drops, affecting service and repair shops and their supply channels.

Aftermarket Matters Weekly reached out to industry leaders for their perspectives on this fast-moving, ever-evolving concern and what it means for the aftermarket in the near term.

“I’m sure there will be some impact in miles-driven, however we know that when vehicles have mechanical failures they need to get fixed or people can’t get to work, etc.,” said Bill Long, president and CEO, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). “Many suppliers have restricted travel for their employees through mid-May. Supply chains are indeed being affected.”