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Save on Products, Services You’re Already Using

Save an Average of $150 Per Year

ASA members receive special discounted pricing on quality consumer education and staff training in one package, in DVD format. AutoNetTV features an automotive television network with entertaining and educational programming that may be viewed in the waiting areas of service and repair centers nationwide.

Motor Age Training ASE-Certification Self-Study Guides

ASA members receive a 15 percent discount on Motor Age Training ASE-
Certification Self-Study Guides. Motor Age Training also offers additional training and reference materials. Visit the ASA Marketplace and click on “Education and Information” then “Motor Age Training” to get started. Order yours today, and be sure to enter “ASA” as the coupon code during the online checkout process.

Keep Your Shop Clean with UniFirst

Maintain a clean and attractive shop with UniFirst’s four-step facility service system. On a regular schedule, UniFirst will pick up soiled mats, mops, wiping products and replace them with hygienically clean ones and restock restroom supplies. UniFirst will capture dirt and moisture at entrances with scraper mats;
it will trap dirt with walk-off mats; keep floors, counters and other surfaces clean with mops and wiping products and replenish all soap, paper and air freshener proucts. This is a great way to lower your housekeeping and maintenance costs while guaranteeing ongoing, reliable and consistent product availability.