How to Ensure Future Success With a Workshop Management Software System

These days the automotive industry is changing so rapidly, it’s hard to stay on top  of what innovations will come next. The pressure for independent workshops to upgrade their technology is increasing due to the need to accommodate more technologically advanced vehicles. If you’re thinking about upgrading your workshop to meet the needs of a changing market maybe you should think about upgrading your business management software as well.

Although a big part of a mechanic’s job is to repair things by hand, that doesn’t mean that business operations need to be done manually too. When menial office and database tasks take up too much of a mechanic’s time, it becomes hard for the business as a whole to profit and grow. 

So what is the solution for automotive and mechanical workshops? Automation software. By automating different parts of your business, you can simplify your business, improve performance, and create a scalable business model that can keep up with changes in the industry. More and more independent mechanic shops are turning to automation software to organize their business and create more effective practices. 

But first, what is automation software? Automation software is a platform or system that uses digital means to accelerate a business’s efficiency. The software minimizes manual efforts and makes business processes more cost-efficient, error-proof, and consistent.

Workshop Software

How Workshop Software can automate your mechanical workshop. 

Workshop Software is a versatile and simple-to-use system that organizes a mechanical workshop’s operations from top to bottom, making it a great solution for modern automotive and mechanical workshops of all types. Workshop Software has many clever features to manage every last detail of your workflow for boundless productivity and performance. Let’s dive into the ways Workshop Software can help you save time and money for your business.

  • Optimize performance and maximize profits

In the service business, time is your number one commodity. Every minute of inefficiency due to lost paperwork, chasing customers, and juggling finances can cost your bottom line. This daily overload leads to missed reminders, delayed services, and mistakes, not to mention dissatisfied customers who decide to work with your local competitor instead. When you’re overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and find yourself ‘stuck on the tools’ and constantly running out of time, your profit and growth will not thrive. 

Thus, automating business responsibilities can reduce time and increase efficiency. Automation software that can handle customer data, scheduling, reminders, and finances all in one place to make your business operations smooth and easy will allow your business to focus on the bigger picture: maximizing profits.

Workshop Software gives you total control of your time by organizing and managing your entire workflow. It’s one clever, easy-to-use tool that delivers a complete real-time picture of your workshop to improve performance, productivity, and profits. 

  • Streamlined workflow: Manage everything from job progress, stock inventory, service quotes, staff allocation, invoicing, and more from one online location
  • Business reporting: Built-in is a reporting analysis tool that tracks vital statistics and graphs relating to your business to help increase business growth.

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  • Boost Customer Retention and Generate Repeat Business on Autopilot 

Your business would not exist without customers, so it is essential to gain their trust and loyalty. 

By automating text messages, emails, and reminders to clients, Workshop Software helps you manage client communication more efficiently; therefore saving your team time and increasing customer retention. In addition, Workshop Software allows your team to manage client databases and operations from one system, creating full visibility throughout the team and streamlining client activities.

  • ‘One Click’ customer management: Oversee everything relating to client management under one tab. Create customer bookings, send invoices, and track payments with the simplicity of ‘one click’. 
  • Automated service reminders: Set specified service intervals for particular vehicles to stay on top of your customer’s journey and ensure they come back to you!

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  • Integrate your entire toolkit 

There is nothing worse than needing to log on to multiple platforms to manage various parts of your business. Integrating your entire toolkit into a single platform allows you to see all your data in one place. This way you can connect and use the data between each system, and have more visibility across teams and functions.

With Workshop Software you can count on seamless integrations that cause no disruption to your business, retain all your data, and ensure you pick up right where you left off. The software syncs with all other critical systems that power your business; such as accounting, marketing, CRM, purchasing, and more, so that all your tools can be connected in one place, safely secured in the cloud. 

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  • Access your business anywhere anytime

In the modern world of ‘cloud’ storage and computing, it is essential to consider your mechanic workshop’s accessibility outside of the office. Despite the fact that most inventory management, customer data entry, and appointment scheduling can be done on-site, many prefer to have off-site accessibility that assists hands-on work. Cloud-based products are quickly becoming the better option for communication with customers and staff on the go. 

  • Online software: Your entire workflow can be accessed in one place from any device. 
  • Mobile app: The mobile app is a completely free service that can be used by unlimited amounts of users/employees when off-site. It allows users to take photos from their phone and attach them to a specific repair’s progress and clock in and clock out with ultimate ease. 

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Auto shops change for the better when they work with Workshop Software. For over 30 years, Workshop Software has helped thousands of global automotive and mechanical workshops become more efficient. With instant onboarding, quick-start training, and affordable costly setup fees, Workshop Software is the solution for modernizing automotive and mechanical workshops around the world.

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