How OEM Auto Repair Software Can Improve Your Collision Diagnostic Processes

If you own an auto collision shop, you know how important it is to have a fast and accurate diagnostic process. If it takes you too long to complete collision repair diagnostics, you could slow down the entire repair and risk disappointing the customer and potentially losing their business. Inaccurate auto diagnostics in collision repair can also lead to comebacks, which definitely put customer loyalty and your shop’s reputation at risk in the community.

Sun Laptop 1072587002To help you best service your customers, consider investing in cutting-edge OEM collision repair software to improve your auto collision shop’s diagnostic process. The current industry leader is SUN® Collision Repair Information, a brand of Snap-on Incorporated.  With this tool, you can make quicker and more accurate collision repair diagnoses to improve efficiency and profitability.

And going beyond diagnostics, SUN Collision can help improve your essential collision repair processes in several different ways.

Common Diagnostic and OEM Repair Procedures

SUN Collision features a huge database of OEM and real-world repair information, allowing you to see patterns and common repair procedures for the selected vehicle over time. As you are completing your collision repair diagnostics process, you can gain insights from past work done by professional technicians on the same type of vehicle.

ADAS Assistance is a Click Away

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) have become standard in new vehicles. Each type of vehicle has its own unique ADAS features, and being aware of the related components is an important part of the diagnostic process.

SUN Collision helps by creating an easy-to-access table that lists all of the ADAS features in one location. It’s easy to quickly see the big picture of all ADAS features on the vehicle in your bay, along with special tool needed and recalibration details.

Graphs to Help Understand Codes and Symptoms

When doing auto diagnostics in collision repair, you may also run into mechanical issues that have multiple DTCs. When this happens, SUN Collision makes what would be a complicated process much more simple and straightforward.

The diagnostic database provides you with easy-to-understand graphs that clearly show the relationships between diagnostic codes and the symptoms. Instead of trying to decipher a collection of different codes on your own, let graphics and visual aids help speed up the process.

Interactive Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Repairs

Wiring can get very complicated very quickly. Even the most experienced car repair specialist who is skilled in collision diagnostic services can have trouble navigating an issue with an electrical system. Here, SUN Collision offers interactive wiring diagrams that can lead you directly to the affected area. All you need to do is search a specific component in the vehicle you are working on, and an interactive diagram will display that lets you click component links to quickly view specifications and connector views and also perform component tests through a guided step-by-step process.

Learn from Over 45 million Real Fixes

Sun LogoSUN Collision allows you to browse the notes and records from over 600 million past mechanical repairs, and 45 million Real Fixes to give you the ability to learn from other skilled technicians! Get expert knowledge and advice from other mechanics and car care technicians, allowing their past repairs to help you complete mechanical repairs as part of the collision repair.

Not only do you get access to notes and records, but you also can browse through tips that feature real-world advice to help you save time and increase efficiency.

Quick and Easy Interface Navigation

All of the above information and tools are great. However, if you cannot quickly and easily navigate the SUN Collision interface, all of the information in the world won’t make the diagnostic process any more efficient.

Fortunately, the SUN Collision interface was created with ease of access as a top priority, allowing you to quickly navigate to the content and tools you need. Not only that, but the most popular content is clear and easy to find in the Quick Links Ribbon, to help you find what you need to diagnose your most common repairs.

Suggested Top Repairs

When you enter the vehicle make and model into the SUN Collision database, you will immediately see suggestions for the most common repairs. This is a great way to save a lot of time and effort. In many cases, the suggested repair is the one you need! While a good technician has good instincts, it is critical to verify the fix. The Top 10 Repairs dashboard provides experience-based suggestions to point you in the right direction.

Mobile Friendly

What’s more, SUN Collision is mobile friendly. You can hold all of the information you need to complete collision diagnostic services right in the palm of your hand with an Apple or Android tablet device. This gives you and your techs flexibility to move around. You are no longer tied to your desktop computer. Instead, you can take SUN Collision and all of its capabilities on the go with you.

Improve Your Collision Repair Diagnostics with SUN Collision

A car collision repair shop is only as good as its collision diagnostic services. It doesn’t matter how skilled you and your team are at repairing cars if you can’t make an accurate and timely diagnosis. Equip your shop with everything it needs to succeed.

The SUN® Collision  database includes a complete lineup of OEM-licensed procedures for both collision and mechanical repairs for 26 standard makes, and is updated regularly. Collision information covers 2004 through 2022 vehicles, and mechanical information dates back to 1964.

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