Get to the Fix Faster with Help from Your Tech Community

If you’ve ever hit the wall when diagnosing a vehicle, you know the value of having a community of professional auto repair technicians close at hand to help get you on the correct path to a solution.

In an online community, you can type your question and with a click of your mouse instantly send it to an entire community of experienced technicians. Chances are good that you will receive answers and ideas within a few minutes that will help get you over the hump and back to fixing the vehicle.

For more than 10 years, Mitchell 1 has offered an active community of professional techs as part of its repair information system. The community is now integrated inside the ProDemand® repair and diagnostic information software as the SureTrack Community.

Community of Professionals

SureTrack Community members contribute answers and help their peers with tricky vehicle issues. This information comes straight from the bay and is an invaluable resource for techs of all experience levels. In fact, the information is an integral part of the results returned when a user searches the ProDemand system for a code, symptom or component. Techs have immediate access to insights from community members along with the OEM and SureTrack real-world information delivered in a single lookup.

Technicians can participate in the Community as individual members, even if they access ProDemand through the auto repair shop where they work. Threads that are related to the current selected vehicle are presented first, so techs see only topics related to the vehicle in their bay. If they would like to view community threads for all vehicles, it’s easy to toggle to All Vehicles.

The Community is included as part of the SureTrack® diagnostic module in ProDemand. SureTrack helps you build a diagnostic strategy by providing real world information including Real Fixes, probable components at fault, guided component tests and much more. This information is available right alongside ProDemand’s comprehensive OEM information, so technicians don’t have to search multiple databases with multiple logins and subscriptions to find the data they need.

Community Highlights

Ask the Expert — Techs with specialized professional skills, knowledge and experience can register as an “expert” and share their knowledge with others in the community. Members who ask questions validate the experts’ responses by rating their answers, and all members can indicate whether a “Best Answer” solved a similar problem they have faced. If it did, the answer is recorded as a “Fixed It.”

Leaderboard — The top community members are displayed in the leaderboard. Members are awarded points for answering questions as well as for how many “Best Answers” and “Good Answers” they have contributed. Those who gain the most points for the current time period are recognized at the top of the leaderboard.

My Activity — The My Activity page helps members keep track of their individual participation and activity in the Community.

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