Improve the Customer Experience with CCC

A superior customer experience continues to be one of the most important factors for driving business and developing customer loyalty. Not only do customers expect quality service, they’re willing to pay more for it. A recent study shows that 68% of consumers would spend more money for a product or service from a company that provides good customer service (2). In order to capture this business, you need to provide the seamless digital experience consumers have come to expect.

Customers are influenced by online reviews and expect an easy, efficient process, whether booking online appointments or receiving text notifications on the status of their order. In fact, 54% make purchasing decisions based on customer service, and 50% are more likely to rely on online reviews than recommendations from friends and family (2).

The key differentiator for any company wishing to stand out in this challenging and competitive marketplace is to provide a consistent, excellent customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. The changing automotive industry—with its increasingly advanced technology, safety features and telematics—is no different. Vehicle repairs are growing in complexity and cost, with the average cost of vehicle repairs rising 22% since 2009 (3). This affects everything from cycle time, to completeness of the repair, to customer satisfaction. In order to keep customers happy and secure new business, collision repair facilities need to adopt a digital-first experience that can address any shortcomings before they occur.

CCC Information Services, the leading provider of vehicle lifecycle solutions, provides numerous products that help collision repair facilities deliver the modern customer experience. Products such as CCC® UpdatePlus and CCC® Engage make it easy for consumers to know the status of their repair and to book appointments online. UpdatePlus keeps customers informed during the repair process with a series of personalized status updates sent via email or text message. Not only is the personalization factor an effective marketing technique, but also a proactive measure for repair facilities to communicate with their customers in case anything goes wrong. After the repair is complete, customers receive a quick survey, which gives repair facilities valuable and actionable insight into the level of their customers’ satisfaction. These reviews help build a repair facility’s reputation once shared on, a website used by millions of users each year to locate nearby body shops.

CCC® Engage is yet another customer-focused product offered by CCC, which gives potential customers the ability to schedule appointments online through Carwise, effectively giving body shops the advantage of capturing business after-hours. All online appointments are automatically added to a shop’s calendar, making it easy to manage the production schedule. Engage modernizes the repair facility lobby experience with a self-service check-in solution, enabling customers to check in using an intuitive tablet application, reducing paperwork and ultimately, improving the customer experience.

If business is slow, it might be time to think about the customer experience that you provide and whether it’s time to invest in shop management tools. The bar has been raised on your customers’ expectations, and to stay competitive, you need to meet those higher standards. Consistently delivering the best possible experience to your customer is in every business’s best interest.



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