Extreme Makeover

The Blueprint for a Successful Website

See what happens when quality workmanship, great marketing and outstanding customer service come together.

Are you working harder than ever to keep up with the competition, but your business profits don’t reflect your efforts? The right tool always makes the job easier … consider a website makeover.

Your website is not only the smiling face of your business. It’s also the business card, the handshake and the best business tool. It might be time for a website remodeling or an “extreme” makeover. If you have a poorly performing website, you need a crash course in a successful website makeover.

Your customers are a reflection of the ever-changing media landscape. Values such as honesty and integrity are still important, but 21st-century customers are seeking speed and convenience, too. A successful auto repair shop must learn to meet customers in the middle. There’s no easier or faster way to get potential customers through your front door than with a custom-built website and a smart marketing strategy. Investing in good online marketing can often prove to be more profitable than buying the latest shop equipment.

That’s why AutoInc. is publishing, in conjunction with Autoshop Solutions, a series of five articles this year that will walk you through a successful website makeover. This easy-to-read series will outline the step-by-step process and take you from the makeover planning phases to designing and building a website and on to the importance of creating the right marketing strategies.

The articles will showcase a repair shop just like yours that recently has had an extreme website makeover and show you just how easy and fun it can be to boost your online marketing. If your website is not doing its job, it’s definitely time for a makeover. If your shop hasn’t stepped into the world of Internet marketing yet, let this series bring you up to speed.

What kinds of things will you learn? Online marketing is never static. Change is constant. Learn how to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. Learn the importance of developing area-specific marketing strategies to meet your shop’s need to reach your community. As you follow the blueprint for your website’s buildup or renovation, you’ll discover techniques that are separating the earners from the losers (money, that is).

Custom building your website and designing a winning marketing plan may seem like a lot of heavy lifting at first, but this series is here to demystify the whole process. Get out the cranes and wrecking balls, it’s time to learn exactly how shop owners can take their repair shops to the next level of exposure and expertise with a custom-built website.

As preparation for reading the March/April issue’s installment of our Extreme Makeover series on making your website work harder for your shop, check out the winners of our 2015 Top 10 Websites Contest in the November/December issue, online now at www.autoinc.org.