Consistency and Quality with CCC® Checklists

CCC® Checklists empowers shop owners and staff with the tools they need to provide outstanding service and quality repairs, every time.


Define Standard Operating Procedures

Checklists allows repairers to define unique operational process to build dynamic checklists that all employees can use to ensure that each relevant procedure is completed with high quality and consistency on every repair.

You define events and rules for every task you want completed. Each task can be configured based on phase of repair, type of damage, insurer, role and other parameters. Once configured, CCC ONE automatically computes and updates checklists throughout each job, giving your team space to write notes and attach images to certain tasks.


Reduce Comebacks

With Checklists, events completed in the repair process are automatically logged based on the task type.  This allows shops to track quality and document this highly variable process to reduce comebacks caused by avoidable errors.  Enable a standard operating process to complete a safe and quality repair – every time.


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