Nov/Dec 2018

Fuel Cells, Body Shops & the Future

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles May Be the Next Big Thing. Or Not. We Shall See. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) are here, not a lot of them, but they have arrived. In 1999 there were 23 hybrids sold in the USA. Now, we have millions. FCEVs are sold or leased mostly in California, but if […]

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Ramping Up Refinish

Improve Paint Shop Performance by Finding the Right Products, Training and People. No matter which business performance number you’re looking to improve – productivity, cycle time or profitability – all roads lead through your paint department. Experienced shop owners and consultants generally agree that the paint shop often offers one of the best avenues to […]

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Developing Women Leaders in the Aftermarket

Mentorships, Investing in Training, Creating a Positive Culture Among the Suggestions Made by Panel of Experts. There’s roughly a four-to-one ratio, men-to-women in employment in the automotive industry. Our industry has over the past four to five years begun to see more clearly the value of having not just women, but women in leadership, and […]

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