All Things Management

All Things Management

To kick off the new year with a bang, we are featuring the “All Things Management!” Issue in January instead of our typical June issue. Based on AutoInc. readership surveys and feedback over the years, readers love the management features in AutoInc. written by Automotive Management Institute (AMI)-approved instructors. Oftentimes, these instructors have either “walked the walk” of the business owners they are writing to, or have been working with other shop owners in a training and/or consulting capacity for years and are willing to offer their vast knowledge and experience with others.

A special thanks to the following AMI instructors who have agreed to be a part of this year’s “All Things Management!” Issue:

Multi-Point Inspections: A Low-Pressure Sales Approach by Charlie Polston

Why Teamwork is Crucial by Becky Witt, AAM

One Thing You Can Fix to Grow Your Shop by Terry Keller, AAM

Their articles address two key goals for shops: how to be profitable and successful.
If you share these goals, then read on!

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