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Shop Management Software Guide Giving the Industry Its Own Week

Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW)
gives collision repair and mechanical service professionals
their own event – and their own week –
to focus on 'taking care of business.'

ASRW is an industrywide event that includes both the collision and mechanical segments of the automotive service and repair – the Congress of Automotive Repair & Service (CARS) and the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE). These two events are co-located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas and will be held this year Oct. 10-13.

Co-location of CARS and NACE provides an unmatched opportunity for attendees to shop and compare all the products, services, equipment, state-of-the-art technologies and innovations available today to modern, state-of-the-art automotive service and repair shops. Beyond the trade show floor, the co-location of the events gives attendees the opportunity to attend more quality educational programs and network with shop owners, managers and other staff they may not have regular contact with.

During ASRW, AutoInc. magazine publishes an online daily report of the event. Since 1996, AutoInc. has been covering NACE and CARS. ASRWNow, the official online publication of the world's No. 1 collision repair and automotive service event, brings daily news reports, including coverage of keynote addresses, educational seminars and product demonstrations, to readers, attendees and other automotive industry professionals.

The ASRW Now! can be accessed through Look for our 2010 coverage, which will be published Oct. 10-13, 2010, and will bring you up-to-the-minute coverage from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Visit for our current coverage.

ASRW Now! Coverage

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