NHTSA Releases Federal Automated Vehicle Policy

Increase in traffic fatalities prompts interest in preparing guidelines for federal and state policymakers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released policy guidelines for automated vehicles. Although NHTSA has communicated with the automotive industry and other manufacturers, states haven’t had policy guidelines for legislative or regulatory initiatives. These new guidelines should give some […]

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How’s Your Business?

AutoInc. asked ASA member-shops to complete a questionnaire about how their businesses were performing through the first six months of 2016. Here are some select figures that represent the highlights of what they told us. This year’s “How’s Your Business?” survey once again provides you with vital information about how you and your peers are […]

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Creating a NEW BREED

With changes taking place so quickly in the collision repair industry, here’s how estimators can learn to improve their current processes to write it right. Start a discussion about the process of creating an estimate in the collision repair industry, and you’re likely to find differing opinions – even among seasoned professionals. Estimates generally bring […]

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Things to Come

Automotive telematics is here. And experts say it will transform the way that service centers interact with and respond to their customers. How will you prepare to deal with it in your shop? Telematics is one of the most discussed topics in the auto care industry today. Over the past decade, telematics has revolutionized the […]

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