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The NACE Online Daily News is honored to be the official online publication of the International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE). We are also proud that this year marks the 10th installment of this publication.

A lot has changed in 10 years, both in our industry and in our world. But as each year passed, AutoInc. reporters continued to cover the events of the world's collision repair event.

Ten years ago, the NACE Online Daily News provided the most comprehensive coverage of NACE in a timely format. High speed Internet access was nonexistent, so the coverage was simple - detailed stories, a simple show scrapbook, a daily trivia question and quotes from the show floor. But as time went on, and Internet technology advanced, the NACE Online Daily News has certainly evolved. This year, the latest Internet innovations are integrated into our coverage, including a live Web cast, various podcasts, steaming video and RSS news feeds.

For 10 years, the staff of AutoInc. has strived to deliver the happenings of NACE direct to your computer screen. Whether you're at this year's show in Vegas, or accessing the Online Daily from your shop anywhere in the world, you won't find a more comprehensive news source for NACE.

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, the NACE Online Daily News features this retrospective look at the evolution of our publication. Our Retro Photo Album provides a scrapbook of some of the best photos published during the event. The Online Daily Timeline shows the progression of this site from a simple NACE news site published for the first time in 1996 to the innovative site that it is today.

Finally, be sure to play our Name That Year trivia contest. Even if you're not at this year's NACE, the you could win some exciting free giveaways, including an autographed copy of former New York City mayor and NACE 2005 keynote speaker Rudy Giuliani's book, Leadership.

On behalf of the entire staff of AutoInc., we thank you for visiting this Web site. Now, enjoy your look back at 10 years of the NACE Online Daily News. And thanks for the memories!

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