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The New Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Did Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mullaly do anything to improve the serviceability of his products? This month we will examine the Lincoln MKZ. Two years after I closed my shop to pursue my career full time in hybrid technical training, Alan Mullaly was named CEO of Ford. That was 2006. Under Mullaly’s leadership, Ford […]

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Oh, the Joy of Being a Technician!

It brings adventures, like solving this Explorer’s problem. One of the great joys of being an automotive technician is the thrill each day brings. I know: That may be a much too cheerful interpretation of what adventure awaits us with each new repair order, but I try to maintain a positive outlook on life! One […]

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Craigslist ‘Deal’

With no vehicle history whatsoever, a clunker gets revived I recently had a customer begin our conversation with seven terrifying words: “I got this great deal on Craigslist!” I cringed a bit. How do you react to this situation? So many scenarios ran through my mind that it was hard to decide which nightmare I […]

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Fast Fix on Chevy Snow Plow

Troubleshooting transmission on ’96 Chevy truck gets complicated with circuits. Winter in the Midwest brings in some real humdinger problems for us here at CRT Electronics. The one I’m currently working on is, of course, a rush job because the forecast is for up to 10 inches of snow and freezing rain, and this is […]

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