November 2013

Congress Continues Obamacare Oversight

A report on small business committee hearings on the implementation of Obamacare The U.S. House of Represent­atives has ramped up its review of Obamacare or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). With the technical problems that have crippled Obamacare’s website,, the window for congressional hearings has now broadened for Obamacare review. To […]

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Market vs. Need

Members of the Automotive Service Association’s Collision Division Operations Committee have written an article about “Market vs. Need” that discusses auto body repair costs in relationship to insurer pay. The article was co-authored by Scott Benavidez, AAM, and April Hernandez, AAM, both volunteer leaders on the committee, and was written to ignite conversations about “Market […]

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Consolidation: How Will It Affect Your Collision Repair Shop?

ASA members voice their opinions on this phenomenon happening in the collision repair industry. Is consolidation of collision repair shops taking over the industry? Is it doing away with independent shops? How is it impacting ASA members? To find out the answers to those questions, AutoInc. talked to ASA members who represent several different business […]

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New Era for Proprietary Oil Service Ratings

Oil changes are the most common automotive service. But, our industry depends largely on marketing hype instead of facts and standardized test results to evaluate and select fluids, lubricants and filters. Many teachers remain unaware that the American Petroleum Institute (API) approval fails to meet the minimum requirements of most new cars sold in North […]

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Official Notification of Candidates for the ASA National Board of Directors

In accordance with the bylaws of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), this announcement shall serve as official notice of the slate of candidates for three positions for the ASA board of directors – general director; mechanical division director; and collision division director. This announcement is not a ballot, but a notice of candidates only. If […]

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Technician Turned Sleuth

Inner Sherlock Holmes finally solves the mystery How often have you accepted a repair knowing that others have been involved? How often are you required to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes? Two recent repair jobs led me to unusual conclusions. One of my customers brought in a Nissan Sentra that had a habit of blowing […]

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