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Voting Now Open for 2015 National Elections

The candidate profiles on the following pages comprise the official ballot for the 2015 elections for the Automotive Service Association (ASA) national board of directors. All regular members in good standing with ASA are eligible to vote for one position of general director, and collision members may vote for the one position of ASA collision […]

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Start Saving Through the ASA Marketplace!

The ASA Marketplace brings you a variety of savings and special offers on products and services exclusively for ASA member-shops. How to Log in to the ASA Marketplace Step 1. Go to Log in to the ASA Marketplace with your email address (must be on file with ASA) as the username, and the password […]

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24th Annual Software Guide, Part II

AutoInc.’s 24th Annual Shop Management Software Guide gives an overview of the shop management software systems on the market today and which features they offer. This year, 21 mechanical software companies and five collision companies participated in the survey. The survey was distributed by email to various shop management software companies in the automotive service […]

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24th Annual Shop Management Software Guide

About this Year’s Guide Much is new this year about AutoInc.’s 24th annual Shop Management Software Guide. As always, though, the Guide is designed to give readers an overview of the shop management software systems on the market today and the features they offer. What’s new this year is that the Shop Management Software Guide […]

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Be Prepared to Service Natural Gas Vehicles

Increase your awareness of this growing segment of fleet vehicles so you can meet your customers’ service needs. Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) provide many benefits and have become a popular choice for fleets. NGVs are safe, economical, domestic, abundant and environmentally sound. The use of NGVs has increased significantly in North America during the past […]

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Advertising: What Works, What Doesn’t?

A longtime shop owner shares his personal experiences and strategies for advertising solutions that work. The advertising landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. As technology has evolved, a range of new tools has cropped up to help shop owners raise awareness about their services. Staying ahead of these emerging strategies can be a […]

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