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Fall in Love Again!

Regain the magic you once felt. Why do people fall out of love with their auto repair businesses? This could happen for any number of reasons, but primarily it occurs because they lose hope due to the various challenges they face: increased complexity of the vehicles they service; lack of highly trained, qualified techs; loss […]

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Fear Factor

What are you afraid of as a business owner? When I started to work on this topic, a wealth of resources opened up, along with an abundance of shop owners who contributed to this article. The evolution was exciting, and I thank everyone. Fear at work is normal. It exists in good times and bad […]

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ASA Installs Board, Outlines New Initiatives During Annual Business Meeting

ASA held its annual business meeting March 6 at the Sheraton Overland Park near Kansas City, Kan. The event included an open meeting of the board of directors, a swearing-in ceremony of the new board, and a reception for ASA members in attendance immediately following the meeting. Congratulations to ASA’s new board of directors installed […]

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Which Came First: Great Customers or Money to Advertise to Them?

The secret to growing your shop is attracting customers. But that leads to the old chicken-egg scenario. Editor’s Note: This article contains an example of fictitious gross profit rates and is only used to illustrate mathematical formulas within the story. These hypothetical totals are not intended to be used as guides for your business. According […]

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One Danger of Shop Ownership

Getting out of your office and connecting with others in the industry can pay off in big ways. It takes vision, inspiration, perseverance and hard work to build and maintain a successful repair shop. Pursuing the ideal dream of “absentee ownership” can lead to serious problems. One danger of shop ownership is that there is […]

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Why Teamwork is Crucial

Getting to the heart of teamwork involves buy-in from the top. In American management lingo, being a “team player” either means taking the blame for something someone else did or working for no pay to make someone else look good. Is it any wonder people get nervous when they hear about being part of the […]

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