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How’s Your Business? 2014

A Report of ASA Member-Shops in 2014 Welcome to the 2014 “How’s Your Business?” survey report! Using the most current figures available from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, the number of general automotive repair locations was 79,760 with 323,674 employees. The number of collision repair locations (not including dealership body shop […]

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Connected Cars, Consumer Trust

Advances in technology that have led to new safety, infotainment and communications features in automobiles are drawing interest nationwide. From trade shows to showrooms, functions that could save lives and improve the driving experience are beginning to reach the market. The defining characteristic of many of these connected car technologies is that they are dependent […]

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Fall in Love Again!

Regain the magic you once felt. Why do people fall out of love with their auto repair businesses? This could happen for any number of reasons, but primarily it occurs because they lose hope due to the various challenges they face: increased complexity of the vehicles they service; lack of highly trained, qualified techs; loss […]

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Fear Factor

What are you afraid of as a business owner? When I started to work on this topic, a wealth of resources opened up, along with an abundance of shop owners who contributed to this article. The evolution was exciting, and I thank everyone. Fear at work is normal. It exists in good times and bad […]

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Lifts: Avoid Penalties from Health and Safety Officials

Best practices from the Automotive Lift Institute help reduce your risk of citations and fines. Over the past five years, health and safety officials across North America have increased their focus on vehicle service providers. This is in response to many factors, including an increase in employee personal injury litigation, a flood of untested products […]

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