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Passing the Torch

As aluminum gains on steel in auto-body structure, these 10 tips will transform you into a shop superhero for the brave new world of welding. No spoiler alert here: Aluminum is the auto industry’s new super metal. Its strength is exceptional for a lightweight metal, and its flexibility in usage for vehicle bodies, structural components, […]

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Cadillac CT6: A Game Changer

As a collision repairer, what will you need to know to work on this vehicle’s advanced mixed material structure? Cadillac will expand and elevate its portfolio with the upcoming launch of its new top-of-the-range model, the 2016 Cadillac CT6. A new, high-tech formula for the luxury sedan, this car also represents a new milestone for […]

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Partners in Customer Satisfaction

How providers of Green Recycled Parts® are helping collision repairers put green in their repairs and their pockets. As a busy collision repair shop owner or manager, when the word “green” is mentioned, your first thought might be “show me the profits!” You might also think of new procedures to reduce shop hazards or waste. […]

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Get Ready for Aluminum – Is your shop repair-ready?

With Ford’s introduction of the aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150, aluminum has become this year’s collision repair industry buzzword. Not just for high-end imports anymore, aluminum is going mainstream, and a growing number of shops are gearing up so that they are repair-ready. Repairing collision-damaged aluminum vehicles requires different procedures, techniques and equipment than are necessary to […]

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Changing Dynamics of Vehicle Estimating

Writing a successful estimate today requires technology, understanding your market, knowledge of substrates and other key factors. Your estimating system is the first step toward a lean and efficient repair process, and it deserves to be understood and scrutinized before you sign the contract. As if the revolution in automotive technology isn’t enough, your customer […]

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Consolidation: How Will It Affect Your Collision Repair Shop?

ASA members voice their opinions on this phenomenon happening in the collision repair industry. Is consolidation of collision repair shops taking over the industry? Is it doing away with independent shops? How is it impacting ASA members? To find out the answers to those questions, AutoInc. talked to ASA members who represent several different business […]

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