At Your Fingertips

NASTF and the VSP Registry provide security and service resources to meet any shop’s technological and information needs. The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) was created to provide a technology solution to ensure ongoing access to the technical information necessary to diagnose and repair our technologically advanced vehicle fleet. As one of the most […]

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Faster, Smarter, Better

Three new technologies that repair professionals can use to detect serious problems before they cause serious breakdowns. The faster automotive manufacturers develop new technologies to improve vehicle performance and automation, the faster automotive service repair professionals find problems with these new technologies. And they need more ways to improve, repair, calibrate, diagnose and prevent issues. […]

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Sites To See

The judges have spoken! Check out the winners and get some tips for your site from the results of AutoInc.’s 2015 Top 10 Website Contest. Is your website designed to effectively market your automotive repair services? That’s a question you might be asking yourself after examining the sites of these winners of our 2015 Top […]

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A Mandate To Update

AMI President Jeff Peevy talks about why the organization needs to change and how it will happen. AutoInc.: Last issue, we talked about some areas of AMI’s operation that need improvement, including course content and development, the potential benefits of course mapping and the methods for choosing instructors and accepting students. What do you see […]

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Official Notification of Candidates for the ASA National Board of Directors

In accordance with the bylaws of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), this announcement shall serve as official notice of the slate of candidates for one position of general director and one position of Mechanical Division director. This announcement is not a ballot, but a notice of candidates only. If you are a regular member of […]

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New Era for Proprietary Oil Service Ratings

Oil changes are the most common automotive service. But, our industry depends largely on marketing hype instead of facts and standardized test results to evaluate and select fluids, lubricants and filters. Many teachers remain unaware that the American Petroleum Institute (API) approval fails to meet the minimum requirements of most new cars sold in North […]

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