April 2014

Advertising: What Works, What Doesn’t?

A longtime shop owner shares his personal experiences and strategies for advertising solutions that work. The advertising landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. As technology has evolved, a range of new tools has cropped up to help shop owners raise awareness about their services. Staying ahead of these emerging strategies can be a […]

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Why You Must be in Detroit July 30-Aug. 2

Get premier education sessions, technical training and access to OEMs like never before! NACE/CARS 2014 to Double In Size! More than half the exhibit floor for NACE/CARS 2014 is sold out. “This represents a significant change in events and a strong commitment on behalf of the automotive market to support the only national show solely […]

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Which Came First: Great Customers or Money to Advertise to Them?

The secret to growing your shop is attracting customers. But that leads to the old chicken-egg scenario. Editor’s Note: This article contains an example of fictitious gross profit rates and is only used to illustrate mathematical formulas within the story. These hypothetical totals are not intended to be used as guides for your business. According […]

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